Acquaseria: nice to know

Lake Como: The deepest lake in Europe

Lake Como is the deepest lake in Europe, with a depth of over 400 meters. The temperature of the water is almost all year fairly constant which has a particular impact on aquatic flora and fauna. In Lake Como lives a protected fish, the Missoltini, a kind of freshwater herring. Because of that protected status, only in the month of May, people are allowed to fish to the Missoltini. In the month of May, in order to reproduce, the Missoltini fish massively leave the deepest part of Lake Como and swim to the surface.

Villa la Gaeta: the name is Bond, James Bond ;-)

Near Acquaseria, in the town of San Siro, on the shore of Lake Como, you will find Villa La Gaeta. This villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden with paths, benches and a fountain. It's definitely worth paying a visit to this the famous villa. The villa is shaped like a castle from the Middle Ages and Renaissance and also has some motifs from the Nouveau period. The most spectacular elements are the two towers. Today the castle is divided into several apartments that are for rent. Nice to know: In 2006 this villa was used as a set and decor for making the movie "Casino Royale".

Missoltini: a not to be sneezed local delicacy

In May, residents from all over the region go in the evening after dinner with their boats and nets on Lake Como to catch in large numbers the Missoltini. The fish are then dried a few days to weeks and carefully inlaid in layers with bay leaf. After a few weeks, the Missoltini is fried and eaten. Many restaurants, including Creme Caramel in Acquaseria, offer the Missoltini as a specialty on their menu.

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